A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis

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Olefin Cross-Metathes

•Low product selectivity for cross methathesis (lack of a model) –Current publication deals with this issue –Predict when it can not be predicted •Low selectivity in the olefin (E and Z) –Seems to still be a problem if you want Z Connon, S.J.; Blechert, S. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2003, 42, 1900-1923.

The remarkable metal-catalysed olefin metathesis reaction .

Catalytic olefin metathesis—through which pairs of C = C bonds are reorganized—transforms simple molecules to those that are complex and precious. This class of reactions has noticeably ...

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US9701704B2 - Catalysts for (E)-selective olefin .

This invention relates generally to olefin metathesis catalyst compounds, to the preparation of such compounds, and the use of such catalysts in the metathesis of olefins and olefin compounds, more particularly, in the use of such catalysts in (E)-selective olefin metathesis reactions. The invention has utility in the fields of catalysis, organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, and industrial ...

A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis .

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Olefin metathesis - Wikiped

Olefin metathesis is an organic reaction that entails the redistribution of fragments of alkenes (olefins) by the scission and regeneration of carbon-carbon double bonds.[1][2] Because of the relative simplicity of olefin metathesis, it often creates fewer undesired by-products and hazardous wastes than alternative organic reactions. For their ...

Chatterjee, A.K., Choi, L., Sanders, D.P. and Grubbs, R.H .

Chatterjee, A.K., Choi, L., Sanders, D.P. and Grubbs, R.H. (2003) A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis. Journal American Chemical Society, 125 ...

(PDF) Metathesis Reactions. General Considerations .

General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis J. Am. [24] (a) Hyldtoft, L.; Madsen, R. Carbohydrate Cyclization by a Novel Chem. Soc. 2003, 125, 11360–11370. Zinc-Mediated Domino Reaction and Ring-Closing Metathesis.

“Click” and Olefin Metathesis Chemistry in Water at Room .

Olefin metathesis reactions, the topic of the 2005 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry 12 have also been featured in this Journal. 13,14 Of these, only one has specifically dealt with olefin cross metathesis; 13 lengthy reaction times (12 h) and anhydrous, inert conditions were needed. By contrast, the experiments presented herein were completed within a ...

Olefin cross metathesis and ring-closing metathesis in .

Olefin metathesis is an umbrella term for a series of reac-tions, the most prevalent of which are ring-opening metathesis (ROM), ring-closing metathesis (RCM), cross metathesis (CM), ring-opening metathesis polymerisation (ROMP) and acyclic diene metathesis polymerisation (ADMET). ROM, as the name

Ring-Opening Cross-Metathesis of Low-Strain Cycloolefi

Ring-Opening Cross-Metathesis of Low-Strain Cycloolefins Abstract The ring-opening cross-metathesis (ROCM) of five- through eight-membered ring ... olefin metathesis, ... Our group has developed a general model to describe an alkene’s reactivity toward CM.11 In this model, ...

Grafting onto a renewable unsaturated polyester via thiol .

We investigated the modification of P0 via ruthenium-catalyzed cross-metathesis with acrylates (type II olefins), which exhibit excellent cross-metathesis selectivity with terminal olefins .We chose the Hoveyda–Grubbs catalyst 2nd generation (HG II) catalyst , since this catalyst gave best results in our earlier studies on the cross-metathesis of methyl 10-undecenoate with methyl acrylate (MA) .

Electronic Supplementary Information (ESI) Cross .

Cross Metathesis of Methyl Oleate (MO) with Terminal, Internal Olefins by Ruthenium Catalysts: Factors Affecting the Efficient MO Conversion and the Selectivity Nor Wahida Awang,a,b Ken Tsutsumi,a Barbora Huštáková,a,c Siti Fairus M. Yussoff,b Kotohiro Nomura*,a and Bohari M. Yamin*,b a.

Total synthesis of norleucosceptroids F and

oxa-Michael cyclization-dehydration-deprotection cascade and cross metathesis (CM), this work developed a general and concise method to the synthesis of ...

Cross Metathesis - an overview | ScienceDirect Topi

Romyr Dominique, ... René Roy, in Methods in Enzymology, 2003. Olefin Cross-Metathesis. Olefin cross-metathesis is conceptually more complicated than self-metathesis simply because each of the intervening partners can, in principle, participate in the catalytic process leading to each homodimer, together with the desired cross-products.

A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis .

Request PDF on ResearchGate | A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis | In recent years, olefin cross metathesis (CM) has emerged as a powerful and convenient synthetic ...

Ruthenium-Catalyzed Tandem Olefin Metathesis−Oxidations .

The utility of Grubbs' 2nd generation metathesis catalyst has been expanded by the development of two tandem olefin metathesis/oxidation protocols. These ruthenium-catalyzed processes provide cis-diols or α-hydroxy ketones from simple olefinic starting materials.

A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis .

In recent years, olefin cross metathesis (CM) has emerged as a powerful and convenient synthetic technique in organic chemistry; however, as a general synthetic method, CM has been limited by the lack of predictability in product selectivity and stereoselectivity. Investigations into olefin cross metathesis with several classes of olefins, including substituted and functionalized styrenes ...

CA2361148C - Novel methods for cross-metathesis of .

A method for the cross-metathesis of terminal olefins is disclosed. The method describes making disubstituted internal olefin products by contacting a first terminal olefin with another first terminal olefin to form a dimer and then contacting the dimer with a second terminal olefin in the presence of a catalyst having formula (I), where M may be Os or Ru, R and R1 may be the same or different ...