Grease Compatibility Chart and Reference Guide

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Grease Compatibility Chart and Reference Gui

Figure 1. Relative Compatibility Rating B = Borderline C = Compatible I = Incompatible Note: This chart is a general guide to grease compatibility. Specific properties of greases can dictate suitability for use. Testing should be conducted to determine if greases are compatible.


shell gadus essential guide to greases shell lubricants designed to meet challenges ... shell australia lubricants product data guide 2013 industry grease shell gadus key characteristics application grease feature shell grease tier (higher is better) thickener type base oil viscosity cst @ 40°c nlgi


i 2016 Edition (Vol. 1) This CITGO Lubricants product guide is your directory to CITGO fluids, greases, and their applications. Properties shown are based on typical values for the product


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Syn Grease 2 - lubritec.b

Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Greases Base Oil Product Name NLGI Grade Thickener/Oil* ISO Viscosity. EP Fillers Remarks American Agip Advantage EP 2 Polyurea/ EP moly ... AeroShell Grease 17 2 Microgel/Diester 3.1 [email protected] EP 5% moly AeroShell Grease 15 Teflon/Silicone AeroShell Grease 22 2 Microgel/PAO 5.8 [email protected] ...

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Grease Cross Reference Sheet For Single Point Lubricators ©2010 Graco Inc. • P.O. Box 1441 • Minneapolis, MN 55440-1441 • Form No. 340580 Rev A • 2/10 • Printed in U.S.A. All written and visual data contained in this document are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.


LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE CHART. Chem Arrow offers premium hydraulic, gear, spindle and slideway (way) oils, formulated with anti-wear properties as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors. These products can be used in a wide variety of applications. This chart represents Chem Arrow's equivalent products to the best of our knowledge.

Grease Interchange Guide - timken.c

Grease™ Timken Food Safe Grease SKF LGFP2™ FAG Arcanol FOOD2™ Keystone Nevastane HT/AW2™ LE 4025 H1 Quinplex™ LPS ThermaPlex Foodlube ™ LUBRIPLATE FGL-2 Mobilgrease® FM 102 Petro-Canada Purity FG™ Royal Purple® Ultra-Performance® Clear FDA Grease Timken Multi-Use Lithium EP1 and EP2 Grease Castrol Longtime™ PD Castrol ...

Royal Purple Industrial Lubricant Resourc

This chart details ISO viscosity grades, the equivalent AGMA lubricant No., SAE gear number and SAE crankcase number in a range of temperatures. ... Grease Compatibility Charts. ... Five-page guide lists the characteristics, advantages and compatibility ranges of Royal Purple’s Barrier Fluid FDA® and Barrier Fluid GT®. Download. Guide for ...

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Oil versus Grease, Grease application guide. Grease Lubrication : Why grease lubrication? Properties Grease compatibility chart NLGI Grease consistency grading : Why grease? Greases are typically applied in areas where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained, such as open bearings or gears. Factors to be considered when selecting a ...

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The Lubricant Store is your one stop shop for industrial greases. We offer a huge range of Mobil TM products, which are known for delivering the highest quality synthetic and conventional industrial grease for use in severe operating conditions, extreme temperatures and water exposure. They can extend the life of your equipment, providing protection against wear, extreme elements and corrosion.

Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide – polyrex em .

Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide - polyrex em grease compatibility chart Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide | polyrex em grease compatibility chart Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide. Gallery for Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide – polyrex em grease compatibility chart

Chevron Lubricants Grease Toolkit - cbsparts.

Chevron Grease Toolkit This toolkit is designed as a hands-on approach to help the end-user focus on selecting the right premium Chevron greases for various segments, applications, and conditions to ensure operational reliability, while

Lubricants and possible plastic or rubber compatibility .

Note that the below table is only a general guide and does not account for thickeners and additives that can be included in a grease and as you will read shortly, only a compatibility test can determine if there is a compatibility issue with the materials.

Grease Compatibility Chart - Amso

Grease Compatibility Chart This chart is meant to serve as a general guideline for grease compatibility. AMSOIL recommends that when changing greases, the equipment be cleaned of the old grease when possible or flushed with a liberal amount of the intended new grease while the mechanism is in operation. Closely monitor the system for

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Mobil™ industrial grease lubrication application guide .

Industrial grease lubricant application guide. Determine the correct Mobil™ industrial grease for every lubrication need. It can be challenging to match the proper lubricant to your specific application. This user-friendly guide lists the typical applications, recommended temperature ranges, specifications and approvals. ...

NLGI – Serving the grease industry since 19

NLGI is a not-for-profit trade association, primarily composed of companies who manufacture and market all types of lubricating grease. Membership is by company rather than by individual. Associated with the manufacturers are companies who serve them with equipment, supplies, and services.

Select the right SKF Grease for your applicati

The Grease selection chart (PDF, see link below) provides you with a complete overview of SKF greases. The chart includes the main selection parameters, such as temperature, speed and load, as well as additional performance information. LubeSelect for SKF Greases.

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Lubricant Description and Cross Reference Guide. 1. Proper lubricant application requires a working knowledge of the equipment being lubricated. This guide is ... If this occurs, the grease may lose its consistency and more frequent re-lubrication will be required until all of the old grease is purged or cleaned out of the system. Due to this ...

Industrial Lubricants Cross-reference Charts – Glaze

Type ISO Viscosity Grade Viscosity SUS @ 10°F Glazeen Product Castrol Industrial Fuchs Lubricants Mobil Oil Shell; Gear & Bearing Circulation Oil: 32: 135-165