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Chevron Black Pearl® Grease EP is a multipurpose, extreme pressure, waterresistant grease. It is formulated with highly refined base stock, a polyurea thickener, and rust and oxidation inhibitors. It is black in color and smooth and buttery in texture. Does not contain solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide or graphite.

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Delo® Grease EP 2 is a premium performance technically advanced multipurpose EP automotive wheel bearing and chassis grease designed for superior performance under harsh conditions. Delo® Grease EP 2 is formulated with highly refined base stock, an advanced additive package and a temperature stable lithium complex thickener. Delo® Grease EP 2 is engineered to minimize […]

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Aral Mechanical Equipment lubricants Aral Grease Series Aral Rust oil series Aral Fire hydraulic oil AralCleaning agents and ancillary products Aral Vehicle lubricating oil ...

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Interested in becoming a Chevron Lubricants Distributor in North America? Our special network of Distributors are committed to delivering the highest quality products, advanced technology, and attention to detail to help your business operate with efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership. ... Delo® Grease ESI EP . On highway heavy ...

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500 Hours Oil Drain Intervals* And 21,900 hours of engine life achieved using Delo® 400 Multigrade 15W-40 in an MTU Series 4000 engine in a mining haul

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Sun Coast Resources, Inc. is a 1st SOURCE Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketer, and ranks among the top 8 Chevron lubricant marketers in the United States. Delo, Meropa and Chevron’s entire line of premium lubricants are formulated for heavy duty service for customers that depend on high performance and reliability.

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Overview Your Ontario source of Chevron lubricants. As a Chevron Strategic Marketer, we’re more than just a lubricants supplier. We’re your ally – a partner that is ready, willing and able to contribute to our customers’ long-term growth. Call 1-866-415-9254 or click here to get more information.

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CALTEX Delo® Grease ESI. Delo® Grease ESI is a technically advanced, extended service premium grease for a wide variety of on-highway and light duty offroad applications. It is formulated with highly refined base stocks, a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives.

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As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer, Ocean State Oil is New England's leading source for quality lubricants for automotive, transportation and industrial use. Whatever your lubrication needs, OSO can provide the right lubricants, supplies and equipment to reduce operating costs, minimize downtime and extend the life of your ...


R.E. West Transportation is a nationally recognized contract and dedicated carrier with a fleet of 120 trucks and 300 trailers. For years, R.E. West has depended on Chevron’s Delo lubricants and Chevron Delo Extended Life Coolant for its fleet. Recently, the team tore down a 1.5 million-mile Series 60 engine for an extensive, three-day ...

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Petro-Canada Lubricants produces over 350 advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases. Our products perform better and last longer because they start with 99.9% pure base oils. We leverage the exceptional characteristics of our base oils along with 30+ years of research, development and formulating expertise.

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Food Grade Grease & Oil Solutions LE can help with your food grade oil and grease needs. When it comes to food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, Lubrication Engineers food grade oil and food grade grease can play a significant role in preventing costly damage brought on by severe operating conditions.

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Nuestros distribuidores de Lubricantes Chevron han asumido el compromiso de proveer productos de máxima calidad, tecnología de avanzada y atención a los detalles para ayudar a su empresa a operar con eficiencia al mismo tiempo que se reduce el costo total de operación.

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Delo Grease ESI. Delo® Grease ESI® es una grasa técnicamente avanzada con intervalo de mantenimiento prolongado para rodamientos de las ruedas, chasis y pivotes de dirección diseñada para una amplia gama de aplicaciones dentro y fuera de la carretera.

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Interested in becoming a Chevron Lubricants Distributor in North America? Our special network of Distributors are committed to delivering the highest quality products, advanced technology, and attention to detail to help your business operate with efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership. ... Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP. On highway ...

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Chevron Corporation today announced that Chevron Lubricants will commence construction of a lubricants manufacturing facility at the company’s Pascagoula refinery. The $1.4 billion Pascagoula Base Oil Project (PBOP) is projected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs over the next two years of construction and about 20 permanent positions once the facility is operating.

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A Trusted Brand for Total Engine Protection. A car is one of the biggest investments you will make, so treat it right and use Havoline® with Deposit shield® Technology

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Regal® R&O is a premium-quality rust- and oxidation-inhibited turbine oil. Regal R&O is manufactured from highly refined paraffinic base oils. It contains oxidation, corrosion, and foam inhibitors. The oil has excellent water separating properties, high oxidation stability, excellent anti-corrosion properties, and low carbon forming tendency

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Caltex Products for Commercial Transports – Trucks & Buses. Caltex products have been expertly designed to cater the major needs of commercial transport vehicules such as trucks, trailers, buses and other on-road transportation vehicles. Engine Lubricants

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Chevron Lubricants. Commercial Transportation. ... Commercial Transportation Grease . Commercial Transportation Gear Lubricants . Commercial Transportation Transmission Fluids . Looking for Caltex Lubricant Products? Caltex distributors are committed to delivering the

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Being “multi-branded” provides our customers with multiple options for their business needs. We feature products from Marathon, Shell, Chevron, Mobil and Phillips. In addition to the major oil company brands, we offer unbranded label of lubricants and oils.